Gentofte Ravens (STARZ) – Team 2018

Eurocup Rooster

# Name
11 Camilla Riis (C)
14 Louise Louring (A)
09 Karina Stephens (G)
31 Cassandra Repstock-Romme (G)
49 Sara Cockerton
24 Nicole Schmitten
44 Andrea Lanzl
10 Bine Gade
66 Line Hansen
22 Vena Kanters
02 Maria Olausson

Coach: Anders Reimer
Manager: Christian Sohlmann


Gentofte Ravens women's team consists of players from the former Vesterbro Starz, which has a long history of success stories, both in the Danish Championship; undefeated in many years, and 5 time European Cup Winners. Last year we won the European Cup in Rossemaison. Our expectations for this tournament is to play hard, have lots of fun and try our best to defend the European Cup title.