SHC Rossemaison – Team 2018

Eurocup Rooster

# Name
12 Marine Simon (C)
19 Elisa Neukomm (A)
17 Laura Seuret (G)
31 Amélie Madrona (G)
13 Mélina Desboeufs
23 Lucie Flück
11 Justine Forster
08 Mégane Frossard
94 Lana Helg
07 Jenifer Peluso
15 Cassandra Rench
14 Cloé Pulfer
10 Magalie Seuret
84 Morgane Seuret
38 Coralie Tissot-Daguette
68 Noéme Turberg
44 Jessica Vermeille
59 Marion Vermeille

Coaches: Gwenaël Schüll, Amaury Simon
Materialwart: Jean-Claude Seuret
Team Manager: Roger Rensch
Photo: David Stemer


Our women team was born in 2008. This year will be the third participation to such an event after 2013 in Delémont, when they came 8th and Rossemaison last year, when they came 5th.

In 2017, the women from Rossemaison finished the swiss championship at the 4th place and loose their semi-final against Courroux Wolfies.

For this first participation in an other country, our objective is to get some more experience at such a level and to have fun during the event. We also would like to say thank you to the organisator for the job.