SG Langenfeld DEVILS – Team 2018

Eurocup Rooster

# 1st (2nd) Name
46 Anna Goldschmidt (C)
41 Kathrin Arnemann (A)
85 Melanie Malewski (G)
34 (90) Eva Schmachtenberg (G)
11 (66) Jana Bagusat
56 Mirja Boxberg
18 (55) Pia Clauberg
25 Aleena Dopheide
17 Fenja Giesler
68 Marie Goldschmidt
16 (11) Tanja Golebiowski
91 (09) Nadine Herweg
21 (99) Nele Herweg
10 (29) Kerstin Holzapfel
12 (70) Stefanie May
07 (08) Marie-Christine Mayr
94 Pina Meisel
33 Vera Richter
81 (03) Marie Schuler

Coach: Sebastian Raufuß
Supervisor: Sonja Goldschmidt


The female division of the SG Langenfeld DEVILS was founded in 2003 and is part of the ISHD since 2004. During the last 10 years the SG Langenfeld DEVILS established a strong team with focus on the integration of junior players and excellent team work with the more experienced players to build a strong team for the long term success. 

As the only team ever in Germany the SGL DEVILS managed to have two teams during the seasons of 2006 until 2009 (1. and 2. League). In 2009 the SGL DEVILS were nominated for the European Cup for Women for the first time and achieved a very good 5th place. In the following years the DEVILS played in the 1st and 2nd league, and since 2013 in the 1st league without discontinuity. 

2015 the SGL DEVILS reached the play-off series for the German Championship after ending 2nd after the first round. The young and motivated team with a significant number of players from junior teams was even awarded with the “Team of the Year” award from the city of Langenfeld. In 2016 the SGL DEVILS had again the opportunity to participate in the European Cup and reached the 4th place after some hard-fought games. Moreover in 2016 the team won the German Cup for the first time. Last year, another long-awaited goal was achieved by excellent team work. After a strong season in 2017 and the 2nd place at the German Cup the SGL DEVILS also prevailed in the Playoffs and won the German championship.

The SGL DEVILS are very happy to be hosting the Skaterhockey European Cup for women this year. With strong ambitions the DEVILS are very motivated to meet the best teams from the European countries and looking forward to an exciting and unique event.