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U13 European Cup a great success

It couldn´t get any better: After month of planning and organizing, the SGL Devils can now draw a completely positive fazit. With perfect hockey weather - sunny and not to warm - a sportive, fair and friendly atmosphere, great hockey and extremely committed spectators the weekend was best advertisement for our sport.

"Of course it´s always a competition in an international tournament, but it was great to experience how the teams made friends within the two days and supported each other during the games", says Lars Kehren, division manager of the SGL Devils and organiser of the tournament satisfied. "When it came to the presentation of the teams at the opening ceremony in the full to the limit venue, you could feel the excitement and emotion of both players and spectators. That would of course not have been possible without our more than 70 volunteer, whom I would like to thank big times."

10 team from 7 nations fighted on both days for every ball and goal to represent their country and their club in a right way. During the first day some teams could be counted as favorites like Kaarst, Rossemaison from Switzerland, Zoran Falcons from Israel and Odense from Denmark, but the final decision would be made on sunday. There was excitement and amazing games on both days anyway with a great performance from players and supporters.

Sunday started with a hockey crime thriller, with the SGL Devils in one of the main roles. After 2x 12 minutes it was still 1:1 against Utrecht Disaster from the Netherlands who finally won after overtime in the penalty match and qualified for the quarterfinal. In the last game the SGL Devils made clear that they can win and that they can score: 6 goals with only 1 goal against the young team from Langenfeld made spectators and players happy. In the semi-finals we had the four teams who presented themselves extremely well also on day 1: Crash Eagles Kaarst vs. Rossemaison from Switzerland and the Danish champion Odense vs Zoran Falcons from Israel. Both matches were on a high level and it can be pointed out that all of them would have deserved to reach the final. But there can only be one: And in the final it was Crash Eagles Kaarst who had more nerves, more power and finally more goals and won against Odense Ishockey: We congratulate Kaarst for the U13 European Championship! Well done!

  • Winner: Crash Eagles Kaarst
  • 2. Place: Odense Ishockey
  • 3. Place: SHC Rossemaison
  • 4. Place: Zoran Falcons
  • 5. Place: Fireballs Sterkrade
  • 6. Place: IHC Wolfurt Walkers
  • 7. Place: Utrecht Disaster
  • 8. Place: SHC Givisiez
  • 9. Place: SG Langenfeld Devils
  • 10. Place: Eastbourne Edge

Now an exhausting but also very successful weekend comes to an end and we wish all team a good and save journey home and we are looking forward to meeting the one or other again on the court someday.

Langenfeld is also a winner of the tournament, that´s for sure. The SGL Devils have represented the division and the city as excellent hosts - on and especially offside the court - and have also reached the goal "not the last place and having fun". We are proud of our team and the whole staff!

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